Faster, richer feedback with the power of video

  • Increase the depth of feedback and research by tapping into video as the richest data asset to gather compelling qualitative insights. 
  • Uncover meaningful insights of why people do what they do through the spoken word, sentiment and facial emotional analysis, or object recognition.
  • Easily find and share content with employees and executives to enable customer and consumer empathy - and drive action.  

* The LivingLens free trial is valid for 30 days upon creation, and is limited to: 1 User, 2 Channels, 10 Hours of Video. Does not include facial/object recognition.


Start Your 30-Day Free Trial

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“LivingLens is revolutionizing research with video insights. Our clients love to instantly search and re-use video, because it brings the customer voice to life.”

— Elizabeth Parsons Morgan, CMO at Market Logic